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5 Ways You Can Be Locked Out of Your House

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Getting locked out of your house seems awkward and at the same time, embarrassing. It is time-wasting and gives birth to unnecessary stress. This is usually the case for homeowners who are not prepared for such situations. People can get locked out of their house due to various reasons such as loss of keys, locking keys inside the house, lack of a spare key and many more. These problems can be addressed as long as you are willing to take the right measures to curb them. Considering our busy lifestyle, where we have to wake up early, prepare breakfast, dress up neatly, and report to work on time, there is a likelihood of locking keys in the house or losing them accidentally since we are in a hurry. In this article, we are going to look at the ways you can be locked out of your house.

Lack of Spare Key

Without a spare key, it would be difficult to get access into your house, if you tend to lose your keys. With a spare key, you don’t have to panic even if you lose your house keys because you will use it to access your house. Most homeowners don’t have a spare key, and that why they find themselves in trouble whenever they lose or lock their keys inside the house. If there is someone inside, you will need to ring the doorbell, and the door will be opened for you. Having a spare key for your house or car is recommended, though it should be kept in a safe place where burglars cannot easily discover it.

Bad Locks

Having unfit locks can cause many problems. In some cases, the lock may fail to open even with the right key. These locks are not easy to open, leading to stressing of keys from time to time. When the material used in the making of the key is overstressed, it may result in its breaking. Once the key breaks in a lock, there is nothing you can do even if you have a spare. The most important thing is to ensure your locks are functioning correctly.

Snapping key in a lock

Snapping key in a lock can keep you out of your house as you try to find the solution. In most cases, it occurs due to wear and tear on the keys themselves. Constant use of keys can deplete their teeth, making it difficult for the teeth the inner part of the lock.

This is a DIY task as long as you have the necessary tools; otherwise, you will be forced to call a professional lock expert. A lock expert will get the snapped key from the lock without damaging it. He will design a new key that you will be using to open and lock the door.

Misalignment of the uPVC door

A wrong adjustment of uPVC doors can deny you access to your house. Once you’ve discovered this, it is essential to get it solved within the shortest time possible. Forcing it to lock can cause more damage, thereby increasing the repair cost. Worn out hinges and wrongly packed door panels are the leading causes of uPVC door misalignment

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