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Want to improve security and safety at work or at home?

Would you like to easily provide authorised personnel with access to certain areas of your premises whilst at the same time restricting those without access rights? If so, a suitable Access Control system might be the answer. Access Control systems have come a long way since their infancy. Today, you can find systems that range from simple but hard-wearing mechanical push button locks to sophisticated, cutting-edge high security biometric fingerprint entry systems. Some entry systems can be even connected to the latest HR software to monitor employee shift patterns, attendance and absenteeism.

Whatever the size of the area that you would like to restrict access to, Fox Locksmiths stocks and installs a variety of Access Control systems to doors, gates and barriers from all the leading manufacturers. 
With so many Access Control Systems, why not book a site survey? We can match your needs to your budget.

Common Areas for Access Control 

We provide installations for both single and double doors in domestic and commercial settings. We can help you restrict access to your entire building or to just specific spaces within your building, improving the security and safety of you, your employees and visitors. Just a few of the areas that we have installed access control systems in include:

– laboratories

– data centres and sever rooms

– hotel guest rooms

– medical and medicine storage rooms

– staff rooms in schools

– dressing rooms

– store rooms – incl. those carrying valuable or hazardous supplies

– Entrances and reception areas

– kitchen areas

– garages

– restricted areas in airports, bus terminals and train stations

– audio-visual rooms

– care homes 

Types of Access Control Systems

There are three main types of systems we install.

Standalone systems local to an entry point (e.g. door, gate or barrier) that provides restricted access. Mechanical push button locks are one of the simplest, cheapest and most common yet effective ways we help businesses restrict access to certain areas. No wiring or connections to the mains are needed to keep them operational. As they are fully mechanical, you also never have to worry about your staff being locked in or out should a power failure occur.

Networked computerised systems where the standalone systems local to individual entry points are all connected and centrally controlled by a clever piece of software.

Door entry systems particularly for visitors who cannot be given the combination for the installed access control system. Instead they engage an external entry pad which calls reception.

Some Benefits of Installing an Access Control System

The main benefit is obviously being able to regulate which areas certain members of your staff can have access to. In addition to controlling access within your premises, you can limit the kind of access people off the street have to your business as well. Having just anyone walk in off the street might not be ideal for your business and/or the safety of your staff. You save money as you never have to worry again about cutting copies of keys for new staff members. You also keep more hair on your head as when they eventually leave you do not have to go through the trouble of the retrieving keys. There are many other benefits of an Access Control System. Choosing the right one might just be the solution you need. But with so many options, why not book a FREE site survey to help you decide what is right for your home or business. You benefit from our expert knowledge on all the latest products and technologies and because it’s FREE  – you really have nothing to lose. If after a survey you decide to use us for any installations, we can design and install custom solutions from a range of electronic key pads, card and fob access systems, combination locks, door and intercom systems and biometric entry set-ups. We will deliver the perfect solution for your needs that also matches your budget.

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