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Top 5 Ways To Avoid Being Locked Out Of Your House

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Getting locked out of your house can be irritating, and it is something that happens all over a sudden. Most homeowners have found themselves in this situation at least once in their lifetime staring at the front doors wondering what to do. This can be more distressing, especially if you left kids inside and oven running. If there is someone inside, you don’t have to panic since you will only need to ring the doorbell and wait for him to open up the door. Without a spare key, you may find yourself in real trouble, but there is a solution for that. Here are the best ways to avoid getting locked out of your home:

Hide a lockbox instead of a key

To avoid being locked out of their homes, most homeowners hide a key outside their home. This means they have a spare key to depend on if they suddenly do get locked out of their house. Hiding a key outside your home is a good move, but poses a risk to your home security. Burglars are aware of the places most people hide their keys, and once they find your spare key, you will be in trouble since they run away with valuable items. The best approach is to hide a lockbox with a key inside. Let everyone residing in the house know that there is a spare key outside hidden in the lockbox and ensure it is well-hidden from the intruders.

Keep a spare house key in your car

This is an ideal solution if your car and house keys are kept separately. Keeping them individually is a good move to avoid getting locked out of either. Having a spare car key in the house and the house spare key in the car is the secret to preventing getting locked out. This means there is no time you will get locked out as long as you have access to one of them. If all your keys are contained in one chain, it would be best to separate them into two, and there is less likelihood of forgetting to carry the two. This method is good, but you have to be cautious. If someone happens to break into your car, he will also get access to your house. Ensure the spare keys are well-hidden that no intruder can easily spot them.

Opt for Keyless locks

Upgrading your front doors locks to keyless is one of the best moves to prevent lockouts. With a keyless lock, you don’t have to carry physical keys from place to place since they are keyless. There are several keyless lock options in the market, so it is up to you to choose one that is tailored to your house.

Give an extra key to your neighbour or someone else you trust

You can give your house key to a neighbour or any other person you trust. This means you can still have access to your house even if you lose or forget your keys. Keep in mind that this can only be done to a person who is well known to you and you trust him. Besides gaining access to your home when you have lost your key, surrendering a spare house key to a neighbour can help you to get house problems sorted out when you’re far away.

Consider a Master Key system

A master key plan refers to the use of selected keys to unlock certain doors. Convenience cost effective and better control are some of the reasons why homeowners and landlords are adopting this key plan. It is convenient since there are only a few keys in circulation, and it is cost effective since there are no key replacement costs involved. With a master key system, it is possible to access more rooms in a short while.

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