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Which Are The Best Anti-Snap Locks?

Nowadays, burglars have embarked on lock snapping technique to break into homes. This technique is more prevalent among burglars because it does not require special skills or tools. Typical tools such as pliers or hammers are enough for the burglars to snap the lock cylinder. Once the lock cylinder has been broken into two pieces, the next step is to locate the deadbolt. Burglars mostly target homes with protruding lock cylinders and those that have a Euro cylinder mark because they can be snapped in a matter of seconds. Most people think that a robust deadbolt and a solid door are the solutions to this problem, but it isn’t. The solution is to embrace anti-snap locks.

Why Anti-Snap Locks?

They are less-vulnerable to snapping when compared to standard locks. Their bar is strong and hard enough to cope with the excessive force applied. Even if a segment breaks off, burglars will still find it hard to grasp the broken cylinder and snap it.

When it comes to shopping for an anti-snap lock, always go for one that is TS007 certified. These locks have been proven to withstand drilling and snapping. Here is a list of best ant-snap locks that are designed to protect homes, businesses, and offices.

Avocet Euro Cylinder Anti-Snap Lock

It is TS007 certified with a 3-star rating and can withstand picking, bumping, snapping, and drilling. Its diamond cylinder is robust enough to cope with any snapping attempts. It may not seem strong by the look, but it is. This lock is different from other locks in that it can detect any snapping attempt. Upon detection, molybdenum cam locks at one point, helping the lock to withstand such attempts. Molybdenum is much far better than steel in terms of strength, and this what makes to cam to withstand snapping and bending attempts. It is also easy to install, as it takes about 10 minutes. It does not require any drilling, unlike other locks.

45/50 Nickel Yale Superior Keyed-Alike Euro Cylinders

These anti-snap locks are perfect for outside doors. Hardened steel bar and sacrificial cuts are the security features that make it difficult for burglars to snap these locks despite the application of excessive force. Sacrificial cuts break off whenever there is a snapping attempt reducing the cylinder size and exempting it from further snapping. These locks are also resistant to bumping, plug extraction, and drilling. The only concern for Yale Superior Keyed-Alike is that it is not TS007 certified as it has a Kitemark. Though they are not TS007 certified, they provide an advanced level of security.

Avocet ABS Euro Cylinder Keyed Alike Locks

They are ideal for double doors or back and front doors but they are a bit expensive. It is TS007 certified, unlike Nickel Yale, which is not TS007 certified. These locks are suitable for people who reside in areas with rampant burglary cases since they provide an extra level of security. Their working is similar to that of Avocet ABS.

Lock snapping is a threat to the security of our homes and thus the need to try out anti-snap locks since they provide an extra layer of protection when compared to standard locks.


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