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What Are BS3621 Locks?


Nowadays, home insurance companies are demanding the locks fitted on the exterior doors, especially on the ground floor to comply with BS3621 standards. So what do we mean by BS3621 British Standard? BS3621 is a British Standard for locks which have been embraced by home insurance companies as a necessity for insurance policies. This is because it is the most appropriate mark to various categories of domestic locks.

In simple terms, the BS3621 kite mark is an indication that the lock is of high quality and offers an advanced level of security ensuring a high level of protection against snapping and other techniques burglars use to tamper with locks.

Why you have to worry about the BS3621 Kite Mark?

If you’re not sure whether your lock is BS3621 certified, then check with your insurance company. Home insurance companies are demanding homes to have locks that are in line with BS3621 standards to have your home covered. If the insurance company finds out that your home had locks that are not BS3621 certified during the breakage, you may find it difficult to seek compensation since you violated the terms of the policy. An insurance company can even take legal action against such a homeowner because of providing wrong information when obtaining the policy.

Readout your policy carefully to find out whether it outlines the locks to be used on your exterior doors have to conform to BS3621 standards. You can purchase the locks highlighted in the policy since they comply with BS3621 standards.

The policy demands such locks to be fitted on the exit doors particularly the ones contained in the ground floor and accessible windows, although some policies demand all the doors and windows to be fitted with locks that are BS3621 certified.

BS3621 Kite Mark found on the exterior of the lock can help you to determine whether your lock is BS3621 certified or not. The kite mark is close to the keyhole in most locks and can be easily spotted. If you’ve never come across the Kite Mark, you can seek the help of a professional lock expert as he is knowledgeable in lock security matters and will advise you accordingly.

Most homeowners think that they are covered, only to find out that afterwards that some of their locks don’t have Kite Mark meaning that they are not in compliance with BS3621 standards. To ensure all the locks are BS3621 certified, it is necessary to hire a lock professional to do the assessment.

Burglars target homes whose exterior doors and accessible windows are fitted with locks that are easy to snap and blowtorch and that’s the main reason home insurance companies are recommending homeowners to use locks that are BS3621 certified since they offer a high level of security.

BS3621 locks are more advantageous when compared to other types of locks since they provide an advanced level of security. Burglars lock techniques are no longer effective on such locks, and that keeps them off from homes with BS3621 locks. Even though they are expensive, they are worth the money considering the level of security they provide.

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