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Top 10 Ways To Prevent Your Home From Being Burgled


Nothing can be more annoying than returning home from a workplace or trip only to find out that your house has been robbed leading to a loss of valuable assets. To avoid this, there are several simple and affordable ways you can embrace to make it hard for burglars to break into your home and get away with your property. Although not all measures can entirely stop burglars, they can halt their plans. Here are the top ten ways to prevent your home from being burgled:

1. Replace the existing locks with new ones

If you have used your locks for quite some time, it would be best to replace them with new ones. Ensure all the locks are working correctly and if you find out that there missing keys in some locks it is necessary to replace such locks since the lost keys might have landed into the hands of burglars. Always keep your locks locked and store the keys in hidden areas that are not within the burglars’ reach. This is one of the ways you can stop burglars from breaking into your home.

2. Keep your valuables out of the public domain.

Avoid being flashy with your valuable items. Always remember to lock up items/tools that are easy to grab whenever they are not in use, such as bikes. You can also lock them up in your garage until the time you feel to use them. Inside your home, enclose the windows with curtains or blinds to prevent the outsiders from casing your house. Valuable items should be placed out of sight whenever they are not in use. Some of these items include electronics, cash, personal documents and any other precious item. In most cases, these items should be kept in a household safe.

3. Install an alarm

Setting off an alarm can deter burglars from breaking into your home because they are afraid of the disturbances it can cause them.

4. Don’t overlook your garden

Most of the items contained in the garden are unlocked and unmarked, and this is what attracts burglars to such items as they are easy to sell. As a homeowner, you should ensure outside items are locked to minimise the chances of these items being stolen.

5. Ensure all your valuable belongings are marked

Marking all your belongings increases the chances of recovery in case your items are stolen.

6. Fence your garden

Set up a fence if you don’t have one as it is an effective way of keeping off intruders from your property. Open chain-link fences are more preferred over solid fences because they don’t tolerate lifting.

7. Keep the gates and entrance doors locked

All the outside entrances should be locked with high quality padlocks throughout the day. Those planning to visit will have to call you ahead of the visit.

8. Prune trees surrounding your home

Ensure all the trees surrounding your house are pruned since the crooks may tend to hide in such places while awaiting the opportunity to break into your home.

9. Use lights as a deterrent

When light is used in specific ways, it can scare thieves at night. Moving lights makes it hard for burglars to go unnoticed in their attempt to break in a home. Always leave lights turned on even if you’re not at home as people will not notice your absence.

10. Install home security cameras

Installing home security cameras is one of the ways to secure your home and deter burglars from robbing your house. Studies have revealed that homes equipped with security cameras are less likely to be broken into.

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