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Burglary Repairs

It can be extremely distressing coming home to find your house ransacked by burglars. Despite this unfortunate incident and the shock of it all, it is more helpful in the long run to try and put this horrible incident behind you as quickly as possible so that you are able to move on. It can be difficult to compose your thoughts given the stressfulness of the situation. That is why we have put together some simple pointers of what to do if you’ve been burgled.

Our engineers get called out all too often after a burglary so we know what you might be going through. Our highly experienced locksmiths are very sympathetic and although they cannot take away the distress that you might be feeling, they can help towards making you feel secure again in your home. We have local representatives in your area, always ready and willing to help. 

We carry out same-day comprehensive burglary repairs to put right any damage and shore up your security so that your property is not vulnerable again. Our engineers can be with you in 30 minutes!

Your buildings insurance should provide cover for the repairs to the damage caused by a burglary so it might be worth having a word with them. Where appropriate and if it helps, we can liaise with them to ensure that you get the security solutions appropriate to your situation and have them installed in a timely manner.

 Our repairs include but are not limited to 

– door repairs

– door replacements

– frame repairs

– frame replacements

– lock changes

– installation of British Standard locks conforming to BS3621 and approved by insurers

Where it is clear from a burglary that a door frame was the weakest point of your home security, we can provide reinforcement bars to the hinge side and/or lock side of the frame as part of our repairs. This will give the frame added strength to withstand any future attacks but only if fitted correctly. The types of reinforcement bars referred to are called London Bars and Birmingham Bars. They work differently but both offer great protection.

Sometimes our customers are not able to proceed with the necessary repairs right after a burglary. So our emergency boarding up service can be a fantastic temporary solution to secure vulnerable areas. In a lot of cases, your insurance company might be able to help with the cost.

For an emergency response, why not try one of our sympathetic locksmiths in your local area. We can be with you in as little as 30 minutes!

What Our customers Say...

The lock on our front door broke. John came out at 1am on a Sunday, 15mins after he promised he would. He did an excellent job. I’d definitely recommend him.

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