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What To Do When Your Key Is Stuck In The Lock

It can be distressing to get home, unlock the door and thereafter realise that you cannot remove the key from the lock. Several reasons can cause a key to stuck in the lock. Some of them are easy to fix, while others might require the help of a lock expert. Use of excessive force to pull out a stuck key from the lock lead it to break. If you find yourself in this situation, try the following methods to fix the problem. 


Push the plug

The keyhole plug is one of the components of a larger locking cylinder. The plug front and the stuck key can be seen from the outside. A loose plug can move a little bit inside the cylinder leading to misalignment of the pin tumblers, making it difficult to open the door or eject the key. To get it right, follow these steps: 

I. Push the stuck key to the endpoint 

II. Ensure the key path hole is in the same position when you first inserted the key. This can be achieved by turning the key. At this position, there will be an alignment of the pin tumblers. 

III. Use the other hand to push the plug front adjacent to the key firmly

IV. Slightly twist and remove the key

The pressure exerted in step III ensures the plug remains intact as you try to eject the key. 

Lubricate the lock

If the problem persists, then a loose plug is not the cause of the problem. Unused keys and faulty copies are known to stuck on tumbler pins. Lubricants are a perfect solution when it comes to retrieving stuck keys in locks. When applied in locks, lubricants can penetrate the tiny spaces of the keyhole. Try the following:

I. Add a few drops of the lubricant into the keyhole. 

II. Try to pull in and out the key and not sideways to eject it from the lock. 

Once you’ve pulled it out, get rid of any sharp points contained on the key teeth to ensure it doesn’t stick in future. 


Turn up the heat

Extreme twisting of the stuck key can cause more harm than good. This is because it can cause the key to breaking inside the lock. If this happens, there are still a few options you can try before calling a professional lock expert for assistance. Try the following:

I. First, spray the keypath with lubricant or graphite, then try to hold any noticeable tip of the key with the help of pliers. 

II. If the metal at hand is not long enough to extend from the keypath to grip, consider acquiring another one that is suited for the task from the nearby stores. 

III. Choose the right tool size suited for your lock problem and slide the slim implement next to the key recessed groove until it reaches the endpoint. 

IV. Once you get it right, grab the tip of the key, then eject it removing the remaining piece of the key. 

If the problem persists, then it is high time to call a professional lock expert for assistance since you tried your best.

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