We are sticking at all times to government COVID protection guidelines.
Our locksmiths are ALL wearing masks & gloves for your protection.

24hr Emergency Response Belsize Park

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Only right here with our expert team, can you find a reliable 24 hour emergency locksmith service in Belsize Park NW3. No need to stress yourself going over the yellow pages during emergency situations such as when you happen to lose your keys or lock yourself out, or in even more unfortunate cases such as robbers breaking your locks. Fox Locksmiths operate 24 7 because we know emergencies, such as when you have lost your keys or misplaced them and you cannot get inside your house. You can rely on us to do these tasks with quality and professionalism, and at any time of the day you need our service, even at midnight and during holidays. Our products and services include but are not limited to lock repairs, opening of safes (as authorised by the customer), and boarding up of windows. We understand the urgency of your problem, so we make sure to readily answer your call – whether it is about a lost key, a stuck lock, a broken key in a lock or a door repair after a break in, requiring expert but affordable service.

Local Lock Change Services in Belsize Park NW3

Anyone can benefit greatly from our services, individuals and big companies alike. You can depend on our lock change, lock installation and repair team when you need to have your auto keys made, for instance, for any other lock service you may require—regardless of time and day, and even during weekends and holidays. Our service vehicles come with all the right gadgets and equipment to enable our team to penetrate windows, cars, and safes without causing damage and even those areas that are difficult to access because of highly complex lock systems. We have skilled technicians composing our lock repair, security and key team. And with our high quality services, you can expect an excellent after sales service, too. Our advanced emergency locksmith service is dependable and timely, suitable for all homes and businesses in Belsize Park NW3.

Locksmith removing a broken key in lock in Belsize Park

Services We Provide in Belsize Park

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Locksmith Services in Belsize Park

· Opening a safe
· Replacing your lost or misplaced keys
· Fitting, changing and providing replacement locks
· Opening a lock
· Repairing damaged or broken locks
· Cutting car keys
· Conducting burglary repairs and re-securing your property after a break-in
· Opening a locked vehicle
· Cutting house or office keys
· Locked out or locked in – getting into a home or business

As experienced and expert technicians, we provide helpful advice and information no matter what type of lock difficulty you are experiencing. We have the integrity to perform our job with utmost professionalism. Not only do we have the competence in performing the services required of us, we also have compassion.

Your Reputable Lock Installation in Belsize Park

We make sure to comply with the insurance and fire safety standards. Having existed for more than 25 years is no joke. We are proud to say that our locks meet the British lock standard, which is the BS3621. When it comes to insurance and fire safety we can also assure you that we follow all standards set. For this reason, we have a host of not only regular clients but an ongoing influx of new ones, eager for our help and assistance when it comes to lock installation requirements in the area of Belsize Park NW3.

You can find us licensed and fully trained. It tells a lot of our strength, capability and expertise. Our registered emergency locksmith team is BDS-checked. We never supply locks that are low-grade; they are always of high quality, sturdy, and they meet the British standard for locks, which is BS3621.

Peace of Mind Lock Repair in Belsize Park

Because we are after your safety and security, Fox Locksmiths takes our services to the next level by providing you with FREE security checks, be it for your home or for your office, providing you’re eligible. You will be happy to know that our workers are BDS (formerly CRB) checked. In line with our assurance to give you total peace of mind, we conduct free security checks. Don’t fall for the many security and lock services that purport to be local companies in Belsize Park NW3 but are not; very often they are nationally based and will charge you an arm and a leg when it comes to their type of service. We make sure that our services are as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality. Among the value added services that we provide for free are security checks for your home or office.

Emergency Break In Repairs In Belsize Park

A well-lit property at night and refraining from keeping your pricey belongings readily and easily on show can help protect your property from prying eyes. Should the unfortunate happen and your home is broken into, refrain from going inside your home as burglars may still be inside. Call the police immediately and take note of your crime reference number as it will come handy later when you make a claim on your insurance. Call our locksmith located in Belsize Park NW3  so that we can repair most damages, change broken locks, provide you with duplicate keys, supply you with a garage door lock replacement and ensure that your property is secure again. Our locksmiths are patient, empathetic and supportive and will make sure that you are safe again.

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Consult a Professional Master Locksmith in Belsize Park

For over 25 years that we have been in the business, we have practically encountered almost every lock, key or security issue under the sun. Our NW3 locksmiths are dedicated, highly trained and have the human touch to ensure that whatever security-related predicament that you might find yourself in, we have the expertise and experience to deal with it professionally, competently and quickly. Our stirling work has earned us the many favourable reviews. Fox Locksmiths operates around the clock and our work is covered by a 12-month guarantee. You will also find our prices very reasonable.

Emergency Door Replacement in Belsize Park

Our technicians are the best and will come out to emergency situations for both residential and commercial premises in NW3. Our locksmiths attend in fully equipped vans and possess the skills and experience to repair locks, make good the damages as a result of a burglary, install locks, change a door lock, board up windows and doors and unlock safes and secure boxes. We typically respond within 30 minutes or even sooner sometimes. We deliver a dependable service for a fair price so a Fox Locksmith now. We are there when you need us. 

Locksmith installing door and new locks in Belsize Park
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The underground station in the area is Belsize Park Underground Station.
Directions to Belsize Park Underground Station.  

A popular attraction amongst locals is the Belsize Park Everyman Cinema.
Directions to the cinema.

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in Belsize Park is situated here.

Another hit with the locals is the Belsize Park Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Located here.

How about a lovely stroll through Belsize Wood Nature Reserve in Belsize Park.

For council tax, housing, recycling and rubbish collection, Camden Council is responsible in this area and you can walk in for support Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm using these directions.

For borrowing books for free, there is Belsize Community Library in Belsize Park.
Go by these Directions.

The Belsize Park Hall School is one of the best in the area if you have little ones and you can register with them.

For cheap accommodation in the area, why not try Belsize House in Belsize Park, situated here.

More things to do in Belsize Park, can be found here

Find out about the local crime statistics in Belsize Park

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