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Mobile Key Cutting

Sometimes getting keys cut can be a real pain. You find a locksmith and travel to their shop. You either wait for them to cut you a copy or travel back to pick it up at a later time. If you get home and find that the key has been poorly cut or not working as it should, you might just have to repeat the process, in some cases, a few times over. Fox Locksmiths bring professional key cutting right to your doorstep. Pretty handy any time of the day and particularly in an emergency at irregular hours. If you’re locked out, locked in, have lost your keys, been burgled or simply in need of duplicates, our Emergency Locksmiths can be with you within 30 – 60 minutes. Their vans are fully equipped with mobile key cutting machines and stocked with blanks to cut a variety of keys for your home or business premises.

Why Cut Your Keys With Fox Locksmiths

Is there a wrong way to cut a key? You bet! Have you had keys cut only to find that the copy does not work nearly as well as the key it was cut from? Cutting a key from a copy will never be as good as cutting one from the original that came with the lock. However, the way in which a locksmith cuts a key has an enormous impact on the quality of the copy. If a key is cut poorly, then subsequent keys cut from that copy will also be poor. Poorly cut keys limit the number of copies that can be made from them simply because the quality degrades greatly with every copy. A badly cut key may cause long term damage to a lock until it eventually starts acting up. Some of our emergency calls come from people who have been locked out because the lock has eventually failed.

What Makes Us Different – Expert Technicians and Latest Cutting Machines

Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced in cutting a variety of keys. Our vans are well stocked with a large range of blanks to cut a variety of keys. We also carry the latest mobile key cutting machines which are accurately calibrated to deliver cuts of high quality and precision. Copied keys are hard finished where necessary to ensure that there are no sharp edges that could ultimately cause damage to the lock. Additionally, we have good working knowledge of the variety of locks on the market and the action their keys have within them. This ensures keys cut by us are not only done right but are fit for purpose.

No More Having To Take A Key Back

You will never be faced with a scenario where you have to return a key because you have put it in your door only to find that it does not work. We test every key whilst onsite to ensure it works perfectly before we set off.

We Cut High Security Keys

Not all of us can afford sophisticated security systems. In many cases, the average home does not need it. As long as we secure our doors and windows with locks that cannot be easily compromised and take the necessary precautions when away from our homes or businesses premises, we should be fine. Opting for a slightly higher level of security beyond the average might be to opt for High Security Locks and Keys. Unlike standard keys, High Security Keys cannot be presented for cutting nor cut by just anyone. The individual wanting to make a spare set must provide signed identification (usually the security card that you get when you purchase the lock) to confirm that they are the authorised key holder. There are two types of high security keys – Restricted Keys and Patented Keys, we recommend going for the latter.  Although both keys require an authorised key holder, only Patented Keys have the protection of the law.

You Get More Security

 From a technical point of view, manufacturers of high security keys ensure the keys cannot be copied by the conventional tools you will find in any locksmiths. Blanks from which the keys can be cut are also not readily available on the market. So should you lose or misplace your key, not every person in possession of your key or locksmith presented with your key can make a copy.

Reliable and Tamper-proof

High security locks and keys are of better quality and higher technical standards that they prove more resilient and difficult to tamper with. Our local locksmiths are authorised to supply, fit and copy high security locks and keys. To find our how you can make you home or place of business more secure,  call us now to find out more.

Costs Relatively More But Not Prohibitively So

High security locks and keys naturally cost more than standard ones because of the level of security they provide. In the past, the commercial sector naturally went for this option. Today, we are seeing more and more house owners going for that extra layer of security.

How Many Spares Is Enough?

It depends really on how many people you had like to give access to your property or place of business. We suggest keys for each of them. You might also want to consider whether you will have visitors staying or new employees at your place of business. Finally, we always recommend leaving a spare key with a family member or friend. It makes a huge difference should you ever find yourself locked out of your property. Fox Locksmiths receive hundreds of calls each year from customers who thought they’d never find themselves in that scenario.

Having Problems With A Key Cut By Another Locksmith?

It can be really frustrating coming back home from a locksmith only to find out that the spare key that you have just had cut does not even fit into the door. With inadequately-trained locksmiths, it can be as basic an error as not using the right blank when making the spare. It pays to use a locksmith who knows what they are doing.

What Our customers Say...

The lock on our front door broke. John came out at 1am on a Sunday, 15mins after he promised he would. He did an excellent job. I’d definitely recommend him.

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