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Protecting Your Home From Blowtorch Burglary


Blowtorch is the latest burglary technique that is being used by burglars to break into people’s homes. This technique involves the use of a blowtorch to weaken door handles and locks, making it easy for thieves to break into homes and get away with valuable items. This technique evolved after lock snapping becomes less effective as most homeowners embraced the use of anti-snapping locks which are hard to snap or break, making it difficult for them to find their way into homes.

Blowtorch technology is more common in some parts of the United Kingdom, and there are growing fears that this technique might spread to the rest of the UK if the necessary measures are not taken curb it.The main concern with blowtorch technique is its ability to concentrate high temperatures onto a small portion burning the lock out of the uPVC door in no time.There is no single technique that has shown to be 100 per cent blowtorch-proof. To protect your home from a blowtorch, embrace the use of multiple security techniques.

Here are the tips to protect your home from blowtorch burglary:

Make your property less appealing to burglars.

To protect your property from thieves, you have to employ a variety of techniques to turn them away, some of which are visible while others are not. One of the secrets to making your property less appealing to burglars is by reducing its visibility. To secure your home, take into consideration the following measures:

Visibility and privacy

The two should not overdo each other and thus the need to find a balance. When setting up a fence to surround your home, ensure it is not that tall as it can act as a hind out for thieves making it challenging to spot them.

Setup a home alarm and ensure the box can be seen from the outside of your home.

Outdoor security lighting characterised by movement and pebble paths will deter burglars from approaching your door. Enclosing your garden and securing both the front and the back door can prevent burglars from stepping anywhere near your home.

Fit additional locks

Burglars take less time to blowtorch outdated locks out of uPVC doors, but the addition of new locks will give the burglar a hard time to break into your home. Additional locks that are not visible from the outside thwarts the burglars plan to break into your home quickly and get away with what seems valuable to them. Since they are afraid of being caught, they will give up on such a door.

Ensure your locks conform to latest guidelines

Burglars embracing blowtorch technology tend to target uPVC doors whose locking mechanisms exceeds five years of age. In spite of having a new front or back door, it is crucial to ensure that the lock complies with the current guidelines. If it isn’t, then get it replaced immediately.

Get your car fitted with a cover.

Burglars are on the lookout of homes with good cars in the driveway and thus need to safeguard them. Although you should drive a vehicle of your choice, it’s essential to know how it appears on the driveway. Fitting a cover into your car during the night will make it difficult for thieves to identify your model and even discourage them from breaking into your home.

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